Longing for Dominance and Loving Dogs

Do you want people to obey you, or do you want them to resist you? Do you want people to nod and do as you say, or do you want people to be able to stand on their own feet? Do you want unconditional love, or do you value the whims of individuality? Are you a dog-person, or are you a cat-person?

Each morning, afternoon and evening, millions of people are walking their dog, pulling the cord that connects them to their most loyal follower. Yelling at the creature like there is no tomorrow, “Max, don’t shit there!”, “Sit, no, sit!”, “Listen to me!”. Why would you want a creature like that? A creature that is kept on a leash, while everything in nature screams that dogs aren’t meant to be kept on a leash. So why then do it?

You could also choose a cat, a night-walker, able to save his own ass in every situation. A creature whose nature it is to wander around through life, purposeless and autonomous. Not obeying anyone, just doing as he pleases. An entrepreneur following his instincts, grabbing each opportunity for satisfying his needs. Not interested in your validation, just in his own. Only caring about you in so far as you give him what he wants. The perfect citizen in this capitalistic constellation of ours.

Communism or capitalism. Dogs versus cats. Men is born to dominate, communism or otherwise. We feel superior by watching others crave for our attention, hoping for us to come and rescue them. It makes us feel important. And this is a universal need. That means that, if we can’t fulfill this need in our everyday working lives, we need to find different options for satisfying this need. We need to express our dominance in another way. We can do this by beating our wives, rebelling against society or by taking care of a creature that is fully dependent on us. A creature that, even if it wants to take shit, has to ask for our approval.

Do people with dogs have to compensate for something? For a feeling of powerlessness, disobedience, or any other sense of inferiority they experience in their working lives? A need to execute their dominance, if not over human, then at least over an animal? “But he is so sweet”, “He is always happy and wiggles his tail when I come home”. That’s true, but do you want a creature longing for your validation? Do you want a spouse that obeys you, no matter what you request? Or do you want an independent soul, able to live a life on his own, even when you are not there to grant your permission?

Power structures are everywhere. Marx (and Darwin) would be jealous.

But what do you think?

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